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Soldat BOT Creator/Editor 1.2

The Soldat Bot Editor/Creator is a nice tool to manage your Soldat bots
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Daniel C. Sitnik

Soldat Bot Creator/Editor is a Bot manager for Soldat. Bots are "players" controlled by Artificial Intelligence in the game. Soldat is mainly a multi-player game; however, it also has the capability of using bots. In fact, the original game download has a healthy amount of Bots already available. As bots have to "emulate" real players, they have to follow certain patterns and they also have to react (talk) when certain action happens. With this editor, you have the ability to edit the behavior of a specific bot, what they do and what they say. To make it simple for everyone, the editor has a nice GUI that is informative and simple to use. You can either create a new bot, configuring its looks, weapons of choice and skills. Or you can edit one of the existing bots down to your liking. They can be a very good help when training or practicing, or even for testing a new map you created. This editor is very compact, quick and simple to use, another of the essential tools any Soldat player needs in their computer.

Ismael Mireles
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